Your Kentucky Lemon Law Rights

    What Vehicles are Covered?
    Vehicles, owned by a Kentucky resident and purchased or leased new in Kentucky, and required to be registered or licensed in the state, except conversion vans, motor homes, mopeds, motorcycles, farm equipment and vehicles with more than 2 axles.

    What is a Lemon?
    4 repair attempts – 30 days out of service
    1 year – 12,000 miles whichever occurs first

    Read the Kentucky Lemon Law

    If you think that your car, truck or SUV is a LEMON, contact Alex Simanovsky & Associates for a Free Kentucky Lemon Law Case Evaluation. Alex Simanovsky & Associates never charges any attorney’s fees to the consumer. We seek to recover all attorney’s fees directly from the manufacturer, so you have nothing to lose – except your lemon!