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Are you stuck with a LEMON?

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State Lemon Law and Federal warranty law protect consumers from being stuck with “Lemon” automobiles, computer lemons and other defective consumer products. Get a Free Lemon Case Evaluation and Free Consultation from experienced consumer protection attorneys. If your car or computer is a Lemon, you may be entitled to your money back, a replacement or a cash settlement. So you have nothing to lose, except that Lemon!

When we say “FREE TO THE CONSUMER” we mean exactly that! While we don’t work for free, consumers will not be charged any attorney’s fees. We seek to recover our attorney’s fees from the manufacturer and/or dealer pursuant to State and Federal Laws.

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    Alex Simanovsky & Associates, LLC's goal is to protect rights of consumers with Lemon Cars, Lemon Computers and all defective consumer products. Our Legal Services are FREE TO THE CONSUMER.

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